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Discover our story

Step into the world of Ornata, where perfume is more than just a scent; it is a subtle expression of your feelings and style. Discover our story, shaped by a passion for high-quality perfumes and a commitment to preserving their true essence. Learn about our vision that emphasizes the elegance of perfume. Look ahead to the future of Ornata, where we are opening new stores as accessible places for everyone. Scroll down for our full story, supported by beautiful AI-generated images that showcase the charm of our perfumes.

Our history

The history of Ornata begins with the shared passion of brothers Daan and Lucas Kooi for perfume. For them, perfume is more than an everyday accessory; it is a way to express your personality and share your emotions. Inspired by the idea that perfume often loses its true value through discounts and promotions, they decided to create a webshop that preserves the true essence of perfume.

Ornata is not just a place to buy perfumes; it is an online experience filled with care and attention. Every scent on Ornata is carefully selected, not only for its fragrance but also for the story behind it. Here, perfume becomes a beautiful complement to your personality, not just a product on a shelf.

The name Ornata reflects our vision: adding a special touch to your daily perfume experience. It is a tribute to the history of perfume, where each bottle tells a story and invites you to discover the meaning behind the scent. At Ornata, we believe that perfume is a work of art, shaped by stories and emotions over time.

Our vision

At Ornata, we see perfume as more than an everyday product; it is an enhancement of your personality and emotions. The name Ornata, meaning adornment and splendor, reflects our belief that the true value of perfume should be preserved. In a world where that value sometimes gets lost in commerce, we aim to highlight its beauty. Our collection features exclusive niche brands that cater to our customers' preferences.

At Ornata, we believe a webshop is more than a place to buy products. It is a digital experience rich with the history of perfume. Here, you not only discover the finest perfumes but also learn about their backgrounds and the complexity of their scents. Our website offers not just products, but an experience that goes beyond purchasing perfume.

Each product on Ornata includes detailed descriptions, giving you a clear picture of the perfume you choose. We want selecting a fragrance to be a personal journey, supported by information that shares both the contents and the story behind the bottle.

Our future

The future of Ornata focuses on preserving the value and artistry of perfume while providing a unique experience. Our next step is to open stores where customers can test their favorite scents and learn more about perfume with the help of our expert staff.

In these new stores, we aim to create more than just a retail space; we want to offer a true sensory experience. The interior will be carefully designed to make it an inviting and special place. A visit to Ornata will be a unique experience that sparks curiosity and stimulates the senses.

We aim for more than just satisfied customers; we want our stores to become meeting places where people come together to appreciate the art of perfume. Ornata promises not only luxurious scents but also a memorable experience. The future of Ornata invites you to discover perfume on a new level, where the experience is as special as the fragrances themselves.