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Eau de Parfum
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Cosmo is a fragrance that celebrates the connection with the universe, reflected in the shimmering stars on the glamorous surface of the sea at night. This scent brings to life the feeling of bright and beautiful sparkles, starting with a citrusy opening softened by powdery floral notes and spices, culminating in a rich composition of sunny accords and white sandalwood, enriched with hints of ambroxan and aquatic elements.


Cosmo is carefully crafted with components that reflect the grandeur of the universe:

Top Notes

  • Floral Accords: Light and ethereal, forming the delicate opening.
  • Bergamot: Citrusy and fresh, ensuring a bright start.
  • Ginger Blossoms: Spicy and invigorating, adding an exotic touch.
  • Rose: Classic and romantic, offering a deep floral aroma.

Heart Notes

  • Pink Pepper: Sharp and stimulating, bringing a spicy middle.
  • Crystallized Violets: Sweet and subtle, adding a powdery depth.
  • Aqueous Accord: Fresh and clear, simulating the purity of water.

Base Notes

  • Sunny Accord: Warm and inviting, giving a radiant glow.
  • White Sandalwood: Rich and creamy, providing a luxurious base.
  • Ambroxan: Musky and amber-like, enhancing the sensation of sparkle.
  • Vanilla Blossoms: Sweet and alluring, offering a creamy finish.

Cosmo is perfect for those seeking a fragrance that captures both the depth of the night sky and the energy of starlight. This scent is ideal for moments when you want to feel connected to the cosmos and celebrate your place within it. Cosmo helps you express your most radiant self and enchant the world around you.

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