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Coup d’Etat

Eau de Parfum
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Coup d’Etat is known as an expression of brute force and sharp intensity within the world of perfumery, embodying both rebellion and overturned order. This fragrance interprets the concept of a 'coup' through contrasting scents that evoke both strength and softness. The opening is powerful and vibrant, revealed by notes of lavandin, enhanced with cardamom, a fresh spice.


The composition of Coup d’Etat is a dynamic harmony of notes:

Top Notes

  • Lavandin: Clean and invigorating, provides an energetic start.
  • Cardamom: Fresh and spicy, adds a refreshing complexity.

Heart Notes

  • Iris: Soft and velvety, brings a distinctive, unique character.
  • Egyptian Geranium: Rosy and imperious, adds a floral power.

Base Notes

  • Vanilla: Sweet and spicy, offers a soft yet spicy finish.
  • Patchouli: Earthy and rich, enhances the depth of the fragrance.
  • Cypriol: Woody and leathery, provides a robust base.

Coup d’Etat is ideal for those seeking a fragrance that radiates power and authority. This scent is perfect for situations where a powerful and pronounced olfactory identity is needed. Coup d’Etat is perfect for situations that require an assertive and memorable presence.

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