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Eau de Parfum
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I FIG YOU symbolizes freedom and sophistication, with an infectious energy that roots in your true nature, keeping you firmly grounded even as the elements around you seem to rage. This fragrance is a tribute to inner strength and determination, offering olfactory support to help you stay focused and grounded.


The composition of I FIG YOU is a carefully considered mix of fragrance notes that offer both freshness and depth:

Top notes

  • Green Tea, Sage, Citrus Fruits: Provide a fresh and revitalizing opening.

Heart notes

  • Fig Leaf: Brings a unique green and fruity nuance.
  • Carrot Seed: Adds an earthy and slightly sweet undertone.

Base notes

  • Vetiver, Cedarwood: Create a woody base that offers depth and stability.

I FIG YOU is perfect for those who crave a fragrance that not only stimulates the senses but also provides a sense of focus and grounding. I FIG YOU can be worn on its own or combined with other fragrances from the FASCENT collection to enhance different facets, such as L’EAU D’OR DORT, RADICAL SOFTNESS, or with MILKY NO WAY. FASCENT’s innovative approach to perfumery allows for layering scents, creating a personal and unique fragrance experience.

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