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Eau de Parfum
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Lip-Lock is a fragrance that embodies sensuality, intimacy, and a touch of allure, perfectly captured in a composition that encapsulates the essence of an intimate embrace. This scent begins with an inviting blend of roses and berries, unfolds into a heart-pounding moment with violet and patchouli, and ends in an explosion reminiscent of a passionate kiss with notes of tonka and vanilla.


Every aspect of Lip-Lock is carefully chosen to create a deeply felt connection:

Top Notes

  • Oriental Accords: Mysterious and inviting, laying the foundation for an enchanting opening.
  • Italian Bergamot: Fresh and sparkling, providing a slightly tart touch.
  • Exotic Fruits and Black Currant: Sweet and juicy, offering a vibrant and fruity start.

Heart Notes

  • Floral Accords: Romantic and refined, bringing the fragrance to a floral middle.
  • Osmanthus and White Peach: Delicate and soft, adding a velvety depth.
  • Dry Amber: Warm and resinous, imparting a rich undertone.

Base Notes

  • Suede: Soft and luxurious, creating a rich, deep base.
  • Vanilla Blossoms: Sweet and enticing, offering a creamy finish.
  • Tuberose and Patchouli Blossoms: Intense and alluring, enhancing the sensual appeal.

Lip-Lock is ideal for those who crave a fragrance that embodies both the complexity of intimacy and the softness of a tender touch. This scent is perfect for special moments when you want to express your sensuality and get closer to someone.

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