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Eau de Parfum
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MILKY NO WAY is a fragrance that exudes a festive, carefree, and mysterious atmosphere, as if it's the trail left by a nocturnal creature on a long cosmic journey. The overall impression is somewhat hazy, yet the feeling is exhilarating, like an invitation to be swept away on an adventure full of surprises. This fragrance is an ode to the night and its elusive inhabitants, embodied by a composition that is both seductive and elusive.


The composition of MILKY NO WAY is a carefully balanced mix of fragrance notes that evoke this unique sensation:

Top notes

  • Black Pepper: Provides a spicy, energetic opening that stimulates the senses.
  • Hazelnut Milk: Adds a soft, nutty sweetness that radiates comfort and warmth.

Heart notes

  • Whipped Cream Accord: Brings in a rich, creamy softness, giving the fragrance a festive character.
  • Tonka Bean: Offers a warm, aromatic depth with hints of vanilla, almond, and cinnamon, lending the fragrance an intriguing complexity.

Base notes

  • Sandalwood, Amber, Cashmere Wood: Create a rich, woody base that rounds off the fragrance with a sense of luxury and warmth, leaving a lasting impression.

MILKY NO WAY is perfect for those looking for a fragrance that provides energy and stimulation. This scent invites an experience of freedom and adventure, and is designed to enhance a sense of mystery and elegance when combined with I FIG YOU, or delicate and smooth facets with RADICAL SOFTNESS. As part of the FASCENT collection, MILKY NO WAY offers the possibility to layer scents, creating a unique fragrance experience that is customizable and deeply personal. This makes MILKY NO WAY a versatile choice for anyone wanting to personalize their scent while making a statement of mystery and seduction.

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