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Eau de Parfum
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Van De Zotte MILLS is recognized as an impressive masterpiece in the world of perfumery, exceptionally expressing the power and rich history of Dutch windmills. Artisanally crafted and inspired by the significant role of mills in Dutch history, this fragrance is a seamless fusion of spicy spices with the depth and sophistication of modern perfumery. Inspired by the Dutch windmills and their crucial contribution to prosperity and the landscape, Van De Zotte MILLS is the result of deep respect for tradition and craftsmanship. This scent honors the mill history and captures the essence of the diversity of spices once ground by these mills.

Fragrance Notes and Ingredients

The composition of Van De Zotte MILLS is a carefully orchestrated harmony of scents:

Top Notes:

  • Clove: Warm and spicy, offers a powerful, aromatic opening.
  • Cinnamon: Sweet and warming, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Pepper: Sharp and spicy, adds an energetic and dynamic twist.

Heart Notes:

  • Bergamot: Fresh and citrusy, adds a light, refreshing touch.
  • Vetiver: Earthy and woody, provides a timeless, masculine base.
  • Saffron: Precious and complex, gives a luxurious and exotic twist.

Base Notes:

  • Tobacco: Rich and deep, leaves a warm, lasting impression.
  • Leather: Deep and rugged, adds a robust, masculine quality.
Suitable For

Van De Zotte MILLS is perfect for lovers of powerful, aromatic scents. It's ideal for those who have a preference for the historical richness and aromatic allure of spicy, woody, and leathery notes. This fragrance is excellently suited for individuals seeking an extra dimension of character and sophistication in their lives. Perfect for those in search of a powerful and enchanting scent.

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