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Oud Connection

Eau de Parfum
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Oud Connection is a fragrance that captures the essence of luxury and the rich history of oud, emphasizing the importance of cultural appreciation and emotional connections. This scent tells the story of oud’s journey along the Silk Road, connecting peoples and places, laying the foundation for modern oud perfumery.


Oud Connection is carefully crafted with ingredients that exude the luxurious and rich history of oud:

Top Notes

  • Mandarin: Sweet and refreshing, opens the scent with a vibrant burst.
  • Bergamot: Citrusy and bright, provides a fresh and lively start.
  • Orange Blossom: Sweet and floral, adds a delicate refinement.
  • Rose: Rich and romantic, offers a classic floral heart.

Heart Notes

  • Pepper: Sharp and stimulating, brings a spicy depth.
  • Honey: Naturally sweet, softens and enriches the middle notes.
  • Jasmine: Alluring and intense, enhances the floral core.

Base Notes

  • Oud: Deep and woody, adds a rich, earthy depth.
  • Vanilla: Sweet and enticing, provides a creamy finish.
  • Musk: Soft and clean, ensures a sensual, long-lasting drydown.
  • Sandalwood: Creamy and woody, provides a rich base.
  • Ambroxan: Rich and warm, highlights the modern aspects of oud.
  • Tonka Bean: Aromatic and sweet, enriches the fragrance with a hint of spice and tobacco.

Oud Connection is ideal for those who crave a fragrance that embodies both a sense of luxury and a deep cultural connection. This scent is perfect for occasions where an impression of sophistication and exclusivity is desired. Oud Connection invites you to embrace the rich history and luxurious feel of every moment, enhancing the intimate and personal bonds that make life so precious.

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