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Van De Zotte POLDER is recognized as an impressive masterpiece in the world of perfumery, exceptionally celebrating the Dutch polder landscapes and the stories of reclaiming land from the sea. This perfume pays tribute to Dutch engineering and the fertile polders, reflecting the strength and determination of a people who shaped the land with dykes and windmills. Inspired by the history of the Dutch polders and their significance in shaping the contemporary landscape, Van De Zotte POLDER is the result of a deep respect for tradition and craftsmanship. This fragrance honors the battle against water and the fertility of the reclaimed land, resulting in the distinctive polder landscapes of the Netherlands.

Fragrance Notes and Ingredients

The composition of Van De Zotte POLDER is a carefully orchestrated harmony of scents:

Top Notes:

  • Green Polder Herbs (Mugwort, Clary Sage, Carrot Seed): Spicy and green, offer a fresh natural opening.
  • Bergamot: Bright and refreshing, adds an extra vibrancy.

Heart Notes:

  • Fresh Grass: Lively and green, gives the heart an open-field-like quality.
  • Dry Wood: Warm and earthy, for a rustic depth.
  • Warm Hay: Soft and comforting, adds a rural sweetness.

Base Notes:

  • Basil, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver: A blend of spicy and woody notes, forms an enchanting and attractive base.
Suitable For

Van De Zotte POLDER is perfect for lovers of green, natural scents. It's ideal for those who feel connected to the rich history and fertile ground of the Dutch polders. This fragrance is excellently suited for individuals who want to experience a sense of connection with nature and the Dutch landscape. This scent brings a piece of the Dutch polder into everyday life, and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a scent that is both refreshing and profound.

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