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Sandalwood Sacré

Eau de Parfum
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Le Jardin Retrouvé Sandalwood Sacré is recognized as an enchanting masterpiece in the world of perfumery, exceptionally highlighting the mystical and meditative qualities of sandalwood. Created in 1981 by Yuri Gutsatz, this fragrance is known for its deep connection with the spiritual traditions of India, forming a perfect harmony between woody notes and the subtlety of modern perfumery. Inspired by the deep spiritual atmosphere of Indian temples and rituals, Le Jardin Retrouvé Sandalwood Sacré is the result of Yuri Gutsatz's extensive travels and research in India. This scent pays tribute to the sacred scents of sandalwood and patchouli, which play an essential role in Indian culture and spirituality. Scientifically validated by Givaudan, research shows that this fragrance promotes well-being, making it not just an olfactory masterpiece but also a means to improve mental health and inner peace.

Fragrance Notes and Ingredients

The composition of Le Jardin Retrouvé Sandalwood Sacré is a carefully orchestrated harmony of scents:

Top Notes:

  • Coriander: Spicy and slightly peppery, provides a fresh and invigorating start.
  • Petitgrain: Delivers a woody citrus note for a fresh and airy opening.
  • Orange Blossom: Sweet and floral, gives the top notes a delicate, light sweetness.

Heart Notes:

  • Sandalwood: Creamy and deep, known for its calming and meditative properties.
  • Patchouli: Adds a rich, earthy depth, giving the heart a captivating complexity.

Base Notes:

  • Oakmoss: Rich and earthy, provides a natural depth.
  • Musk: Soft and sensual, ensures a long-lasting subtle presence.
Suitable For

Le Jardin Retrouvé Sandalwood Sacré is ideal for lovers of meditative and deep scents. It's perfect for those seeking a fragrance that both stimulates the senses and contributes to a sense of inner peace and harmony. This scent brings a piece of the spiritual wealth of Indian traditions into daily life, ideal for anyone seeking an extra dimension of calm and spiritual enrichment.

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