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You & Eye

Eau de Parfum
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You & Eye is a fragrance deeply rooted in nature and designed to reflect a powerful allure. It takes you to the core of the earth, where you can feel the essence of wood, surrounded by the energy and warmth of an explosive scent experience.


You & Eye is meticulously crafted with notes that evoke powerful emotions and capture the depth of natural beauty:

Top Notes

  • Woody Accord: Brings a robust and earthy atmosphere that lays the foundation for depth and complexity.
  • Spices: Add a sharp and stimulating dimension, making the scent both challenging and inviting.

Heart Notes

  • Leather: Strong and rich, these notes contribute to a sense of luxury and sophistication.
  • Patchouli: Deep and intriguing, it enhances the earthy and woody elements with its rich, spicy character.

Base Notes

  • Ambergris: Adds a complex, oceanic depth with its warm, animalistic tones.
  • Peruvian Balsam: Rich and resinous, offers a sweet, vanilla-like undertone that provides a soothing counterpoint to the more robust notes.

You & Eye is ideal for those seeking a fragrance that embodies both the strength of natural elements and a deep personal connection. This scent is perfect for moments when you want to leave an unforgettable impression, reflecting the allure and emotion you wish to convey. You & Eye helps you express your true self and forge deeper connections with the world around you.

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